Go From Zero To
Solana Hero

Complete guided courses, and conquer challenges designed for a variety of skill-levels.

Making Solana education more fun

Courses that teach you the basics of Solana, while providing a fun experience.

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Complete, Compete, Conquer

Finish Solana programming challenges, and compete with other users.

Share quick code snippets in an editor with built-in Solana libraries

Create code snippets in the Sandbox, save them for later, or share with a simple link.

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Learn, Challenge, Compete.

The Developer Dojo.

We make it simple for you to get started on Solana, with guided courses designed for blockchain beginners, and challenges to gauge your progress.

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Start learning how to build with guided, and gamified courses to teach you the basics of Solana.
Test your existing skills with challenges that range between a variety of skill-levels
Get ranked based on challenges completed, and quality of your solutions for each challenge.
Zircon is fully open-sourced under the GPL-3.0 license, making it a true public good for devs.
Community Supported.
We continually source challenges and course material from developers in the Solana ecosystem.
Free Forever.
Zircon costs $0 to use, meaning no paywalls for developers looking to advance their skills.

Keep up to date with Zircon.

Get updates regarding new courses, challenges, and Zircon Improvement Proposals.